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The shooting of the episodes from the latest released films about James bond “007: Coordinates “Skyfall” was held in Japan, Turkey, Shanghai and Scotland, but most of them – in the British capital. In London five-star Four Seasons hotel London at Canary Wharf with a 20-metre pool enclosed terrace upstairs. This is a great place to gather my thoughts, admire the sunset by the Thames, as did regular practicing resurrection 007.

The world of high fashion is unthinkable without expensive decorations, which, as a rule, are the interiors of the hotels. Editors and reviewers of magazines are living literally “on suitcases”, trying to get from one of the world fashion Week to another. It is not surprising therefore that the film “the Devil wears Prada”, despite the overall comedic tone of the picture, is a real ENCYCLOPAEDIA of hotels in which to stay the owners refined taste. The characters can be observed in the interiors of new York at St. Regis . as well as the Paris Hotel Scribe Paris managed by Sofitel Plaza Athénée .

The location for several scenes of the cult Soviet film “Seventeen moments of spring” took place in Riga, on Jauniela street. Today, on its opposite sides are four-star hotels Neiburgs and Justus . At No. 24 according to the script of the film was the shop of the house I rent a large and beautiful house number 25/27 – the safe house. Detecting an appearance failure at the stairs of this house (at the time, really living, and who but the hero of our daily column ) decided to commit suicide not too attentive Professor Pleischner.

The Spanish city of Oviedo known as the reserve of architecture 8-9 centuries, but after the release of the woody Allen film “Vicky Cristina Barcelona” for women around the world Oviedo became a city where you need “to drink wine and make love”. With such a sentence turned to a bored American women, Vicky and Cristina horizontily hero Javier Bardem, the girl agreed and never about it regretted. Upon arriving in Oviedo, Trinity is located in the hotel Meliá Hotel de la Reconquista . Residents of old town are pleased befell Oviedo glory of the new romantic capital of the world, and in gratitude even put the Director’s monument on the square.

But the Parisian hotel Le Meurice, which has become the backdrop of the new woody Allen film “Midnight in Paris”, from lack of attention does not suffer. The five-star Le Meurice – one of the most famous Grand hotels in the world. Built in 1835, the Palace overlooking the Tuileries Garden during a visit to Paris, stayed the wealthy and famous, the aristocracy, business and Bohemia, including the British Queen Victoria and the Russian composer P. I. Tchaikovsky. Romantic hero of the film Allen walks the fictional Paris of the Belle Epoque, meets heroes of the past and suffers from having to return to reality. Strange behavior for a guest of Le Meurice – absolutely, the majority of visitors judging by the reviews, going back to the hotel with joy.

A film by David Fincher “the girl with the dragon tattoo”, released last year, not only fueled interest in the novel by Stieg Larsson, forms the basis of the script, but provided by the hotel Dolder Grand Zurich under the endless stream of people wishing to live in the room where the shooting took place. In one scene of the film you can see the front Desk and guest services of the hotel, the other the interior of his restaurant. Details about the Dolder Grand we reported in December 2012 .

When in 1965, a little-known young Director Claude Lelouch filmed on the streets of the Normandy resort of Deauville scenes of the movie “Man and woman”, no one could not imagine that this low-budget picture will become one of the most famous and poignant movie about love in the history of cinema. The backdrop for some scenes in the movie became Hôtel Normandy Barrière – old seaside hotel has played the role of a place where the future begins heroes. Almost fifty years later the hotel remains the most romantic destination of Deauville, which, by the way is famous because it was here in 1913, his first boutique was opened by Coco Chanel.

Few in Russia know about the English town of Luton, located half an hour from London. But in Luton know not only about Russia but also about the great Russian poet Pushkin. All because the local manor house, Luton Hoo belonged to Countess Anastasia Mikhailovna de torbie, the great-granddaughter of Emperor Nicholas I, and mother — the great-granddaughter of A. S. Pushkin. The walls in Luton Hoo during the Second world war was the headquarters of the British army. Today Luton Hoo is a five star hotel with Golf course and Spa. In 1993, the hotel hosted the shooting of the film “Four weddings and a funeral” with Hugh Grant and Andie McDowell in the lead roles.

Before the domestic screens of the movie “Pretty woman” the people of our country fairly very little idea of what is a hotel Suite, and what services are provided to their guests. This, of course, not only the phenomenon of overseas life, in which our compatriots opened the eyes of the love story with Richard Gere and Julia Roberts in the lead roles, but the scenes in the apartments and hotels in the film so much that “Beauty” can be considered an encyclopedia on beautiful life. Decoration romantic history became a Four Seasons hotel Beverly Wilshire in Beverly hills and two hotels in Los Angeles.

Most Hollywood films shot in the first half of the last century, today the viewer a strange impression. Modern man is quite strange to see the lack of passion in sex scenes or to accept the fact that in the war film may not be one shot. The movie “Morocco” with Marlene Dietrich in the title role was released in 1930, was nominated for 4 awards “Oscar” and in 1992 joined the national film register of the Library of Congress. Many scenes of the movie were filmed at La Mamounia. built in Marrakech in 1923. Renovated in 2009, the five-star hotel, surrounded by a vast Park, today presented to the guests in all its glory.

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