10 hotels with the ghosts in the USA

1. Thornewood Castle, Lakewood

The hotel starred in a mini-series based on the works of Stephen king “rose Red” in 2002. Apparently, the imagination of the king of the Thriller is so strong that since then there has remained a unique atmosphere cingovski works. Still the tourists that visit this region and stay at a hotel, complaining of strange sounds and suddenly chilling goosebumps from the presence of something scary nearby. However, you should know it — and only near the walls of the cozy rooms and the corridor, nothing more. But for a thin face the reality someone lives and trying to get to us, scratching the walls with a sharp claw.

2. Texas White house, Fort worth

The local Ghost — the head of the family that previously lived in the building. He died in this house, but now continues to systematically circumvent the bedrooms, checking that everything is in place. Piquant detail — the Ghost is only given to women who remain in the bedroom alone. That happens in the guest book ladies do not apply.

3. Grand Avenue in Carthage

Here, as elsewhere in the United States, has a law banning Smoking in the premises of the hotels, however, a former owner of the

at about the new trends doesn’t know. The Ghost continues to smoke his cigar, and the fragrant smoke spreading across the room, when the former owner visits the hotel, checking everything was in order,as many years ago, when he was alive, visible and even palpable. Now about the presence of Ghost signals owner of only cigar smoke. Although he still lucky: one of the tourists will be able to leave at least such a reminder?

4. Honeybee Inn in Horicon, Wisconsin

It is here that the Baron Coton still likes around his harem of women. Swinging his favorite chair, alone in the fireplace lit the firewood, and next to the Coton tour is a lady in a long skirt, covered with blood stains.

5. Penny Farthing Inn, St. Augustine, FL

This hotel is famous for the midnight visits of the Ghost with the glasses and blankets,

which bends over the bottles of alcohol on them and snaps his fingers, from which they ring. One of the tourists was lucky to meet in my room at night, the Ghost of a girl who woke him up. A few days later the living room was visited by a whole gaggle of ghostly ladies, according to the description of modern clothing similar to that girl.

6. Inn on Main Street, Weaverville

Tourists are not seen as the doors open and close by themselves, ghosts that don’t like the modern location of doors, walk through walls, and never be raised from the floor of the room that fell on him. It would be possible to sin on staff, if not one circumstance: the objects disappear, even if dropped just a minute ago. Strange, but mysterious events take place here only in the New year’s eve.

7. Hotel “On the other side of the road” in Harrisonburg

Ghosts at home walk around the hotel: in corridors and then heard the steps, the doors swing open and slam by themselves, and when one day the hotel owner for some reason decided to go down to the basement, grabbed him by the arm, however, is unclear because someone in the room no one was visible.

8. Manchester Inn, in the state of new York

If a tourist dares to go to room 316, the Ghost will try to drag his feet in another space. They grab guests ‘ legs, and to remain in place, we have to make some effort.

9. Cornerstone, in Philadelphia

The Ghost of a beautiful woman always appears behind the scent of her floral perfume. Few people complains about such

wonderful vision, in addition to tourists who would like to learn the recipe of a mysterious perfume. Lady-Ghost sometimes gently touch the faces of tourists, but it’s more like a pleasant caress than the touch of beings from another reality.

10. Inn at Jackson in Jackson

Jason, one of the trusted servants of the hotel, he committed suicide, however, as a responsible person, still comes to the hotel to check the condition of the rooms and all repairs have been made within the time frame. The noise from his checks quite often wakes guests, especially those whose rooms are on the second and third floors.

Of course, this is not a complete list of hotels with ghosts that you can visit in the U.S. and in other countries.

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