Amazing hotels of the world

Hotels in the modern world are an integral part of tourist activities. Traditional hotels – cosy and comfortable, suitable for traditional recreation, which we are so looking forward to it.

The hotel business is expanding every year the range of provided services. Visitors to the city provided a large selection of hotels for every taste, you can pre-book a hotel in Moscow or in other city in the world.

For people who love unusual things and unusual vacation, there are variants of the most amazing hotels, its impressive architectural design, the idea and living conditions.

One example of the amazing hotel is the Ice hotel in Switzerland. This unique hotel made of ice and snow. Each year a team of engineers, designers, architects and builders are working on the creation of new facilities for the hotel. The hotel is made from ice, not only the walls, floor, even the bed. The hotel has 60 rooms, which is constantly maintained a temperature of -8.

Another unusual place is a hotel-prison in Australia. And in fact, once in place, this hotel was located prison area, and a very long time (almost 90 years). Currently the guests invited stay in the prison of these conditions: guests locked in the room-the camera, the person have to eat in the mess, sleeping near the toilet. This hotel is very populyarnostyu tourists.

Truly extraordinary is the stunning Poseidon Undersea Resort on the island of Poseidon, which can be reached only by plane. There are 73 rooms on the picturesque beach, as well as 25 rooms — capsules 15 meters depth in coral valley. The underwater room is 70% transparent, so the tourists have a unique opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the underwater world.

In New Zealand, there is an amazing hotel Woodlyn Park is cozy and familiar to the eye of the cottages will offer you to stay at the Hobbit Motel (cabins, stylized dwellings of hobbits from the Tolkien’s trilogy “the Lord of the Rings”). But the hobbit hole of this monastery resembles only superficially, due to the famous round doors. Inside the room equipped with modern furniture and appliances.

The hotel – mine in Switzerland is a magical place located in one of the well preserved mines in the world. The hotel consists of one room in which the guest can get acquainted with the world of underground labyrinths and lakes. This is already included in the cost of facilities.

Amazing hotel – Capsule in Japan in Tokyo. For more than three years is thriving, this is one of the most unusual hotels in the world. This capsule hotel is composed of two parts: the common living room and personal space of every guest, where are located the famous room. Bathroom-capsule is made of reinforced plastic, includes all necessary facilities: TV, radio, alarm clock, lighting, Internet, comfortable bed…and no space. And apparently there is no in it no cons, if you are certainly not claustrophobic.

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