An incredible stay in the most luxurious hotels

You dream to relax in the most luxurious most expensive hotel? Or, perhaps, want to spend a romantic evening. Then you need to understand that for you is an important criterion for choice — stunning views, a huge comfortable bed, or all at once?

Some believe that the best holiday you can spend in the heart of the Amazon, or at the peaks of the Alps, others prefer to enjoy the five stars complex on the beaches of luxury resorts. And to say that there are so luxurious resorts and hotels, which can turn your vacation into a real fairy tale.

They saw everything: romantic nights, crazy days, happy honeymooners, and gamblers. They stand out among all the others with its unique style and incredible luxury.

So, meet the 10 next most expensive and impressive hotels in the world that can only dream of.

Emirates Palace

Resort Emirates Palace located in Abu Dhabi and is a holiday destination for the global elite and Royal nobility. This is the most luxurious destination in the world, surrounded by beautiful nature. Even kings can be the envy of modern facilities, service level and infrastructure Emirates Palace.

The construction of this resort was spent about 3 billion. The hotel has 400 rooms, 40 conference rooms and seductive sandy beaches, and many fantastic swimming pools, fountains, spas, gyms and everything You could ever dream of. In addition, the interior is replete with only the most expensive and rare materials like crystals and marble.

Wakaya Club, Fiji

You are in search of unspoiled natural beauties of nature, but requires facilities of the highest quality? In the South Pacific is a rich hotel Wakaya Club, also known as “Paradise on Earth”.

Here You will find not only the coral reefs and endless Golden beaches, but also amazing Bungalow right at the waterfront, in which You can stop. Has its own private gardens, comfortable living rooms and individual hammocks strung between coconut trees, bungalows with an area of 500 square meters living space truly allows you to experience what a “luxury”.

Hotel le Toiny, St. Barts

Resort Hotel le Toiny is located in the area Cote savage and goes directly to the Gulf of Toni in the Caribbean. The simple fact of its location in this picturesque location makes the hotel unique and suitable for a dream holiday. Le Toiny covered lush tropical vegetation, and fifteen private bungalows provide a wonderful environment in which You can relax and think only about the rest.

It is here that You can do all of what had long dreamed of — from yoga on the background of untouched nature to relaxing Spa treatments. And when You get tired you can just lie all day on the beach, sipping an exotic cocktail under the shady palm trees.

The Mardan Palace in Turkey

Mardan Palace ( Mardan Palace) in Turkey — one of the most luxurious European Hotels. The hotel was built by Russian Billionaire Telman Ismayilov in 2009, and is known for its huge swimming pool, while accommodating up to 1000 people. There is no need to talk about extravagant rooms and breathtaking Golden interiors decorated with Italian marble and precious stones.

The hotel also has one of the most unusual aquariums in the world, filled with exotic fish. In addition, Telman Ismailov ordered 9,000 tons of white sand from Egypt to make the beach.

Dubai Sail

No list would be complete without the legendary hotel Burj al Arab in Dubai. This structure has become a symbol of Dubai because of its unique architecture. But if You think he only has stunning looks, just wait until you see the interior.

Each room here will stretch out over two floors and equipped with everything what can only dream of. In addition, due to the special design of each room you can admire the most beautiful views.

Atlantis Paradise Island, Bahamas

As its name implies, this hotel was built as a tribute to the mysterious lost city of Atlantis. Today, it is the premium number one holiday resort destination in the Bahamas, the most popular among wealthy tourists.

All rooms Atlantis Island is beautiful, but the 23rd floor and is sure to make you lose the gift of speech. Here are ten gorgeous rooms with huge panoramic Windows, leisure facilities and a restaurant with a gold chandelier in 22 Karat gold.

Le Sirenuse, Italy

Le Sirenuse on the beautiful Amalfi coast in Italy has something that not many other luxury hotels. The hotel has retained a sense of family, not having lost a fortune and an unusual sense of luxury.

The resort is located in the middle of the village of Positano, and all rooms directly face the Bay. In addition, most of the interiors is the result of manual work, where every room was decorated in a unique way. Everywhere here reigns the atmosphere of exclusivity inherent only in this hotel.

Palms in Las Vegas

Sin city Las Vegas is a hot spot for those who like life a major player and the atmosphere of excitement. There is no better way to indulge in the pleasures of Las Vegas than to stay in one of the luxurious penthouses at the Palms.

You can feel like Hugh Hefner Sky Villa. Jacuzzi, private elevators, fitness halls, restaurants — there is everything to experience the thrill.

The Westin Excelsior, Rome

Despite the fact that it was built in 1906, the Westin Excelsior is still one of the most amazing and luxurious hotels in the world. This status contribute to impressive interiors and classical architecture.

Villa La Cupola suite, which was recently updated, represents the pinnacle of luxury. The room equipped with the latest technology, highest quality and wonderful furniture. Other rooms Excelsior Rome is no less impressive.

W Hotel, Puerto Rico

A place where modern architecture meets natural beauty — the W hotel, Located on the spectacular island of Vigues in Puerto Rico. This elegant resort is for the discerning traveller. First of all, each room offers stunning views of the Bay of Puerto Rico and the surrounding mountains.

In addition, the island is surrounded by clear and calm waters of the Caribbean. The rooms are equipped with finest Egyptian cotton sheets and duvets. This is only part of the lots of advantages that await You at this hotel.

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