And the view from the window

One of the essential attractions offered by upscale hotels, — the “postcard views”. Therefore, the size and quality of glazing in the building coupled with its location become a kind of measure of luxury.

To opening the Windows of the panorama of the city have shown major local attractions in the most advantageous ways, all the location, and number of floors, and window structure, and properties of glasses. Moscow hotels are among the most successful combination of all these characteristics, perhaps, in Ararat Park Hayatt Moscow on Neglinnaya street.

A ten-storey building, erected in 2003 on the draft workshop 22 the company “Mosproject” in the place of fashion in the 60s of the restaurant “Ararat” (ironically built it the previous head of the workshop 22 — Karo Alabyan), almost equidistant from the Bolshoi theatre and TSUM Department store, red square and Gum Department store, the historical monuments, “culture centers” and epicenters of shopping. All of them are visible at a glance, even from the rooms on the high floors.

However, urban landscapes, for which the hotel was included in the top best hotels in Europe 2013, opens from the panoramic Windows of 32 apartments with “winter gardens” on the last mansard level. The secret is in the special design of the building, which intricately combines elements of traditional Armenian architecture and high-tech.

Eclectically, which is read when you first glance at the façade, decorated pinkish granite (Ah, this “pink city” Yerevan!) and accented the massive glass canopy that becomes even more obvious when you enter inside. Right behind made in the best traditions of neo-classical lobby of the building cuts through a narrow atrium, with transparent elevators, moving silently on steel-rails, and the famous glassed-in roof.

In fact, the famous not so much the roof, many located directly beneath a bar “Conservatory”, which was included in the list of the most beautiful bars in the world by Architectural Digest. What to say: here, even a native Muscovite won’t be able to look away from the Windows.

It is noteworthy that the used for finishing of the roof glass Stopsol Supersilver Clear from AGC changes the look depending on weather conditions: in rain gets wet, starts to Shine and reflect light. And when it dries — again returning to the matte metal shade.

Glass-walled “winter gardens” in apartments — this glass from AGC Planibel Clear: it is always transparent and highly transparent to solar rays. By the way, the interiors of this apartment from 2011 to 2012 significantly updated architect Tony Chi, before it transformed Hayatt in Shanghai and Washington.

In accordance with corporate “design code” made a lot and in the interiors of the new Four Seasons hotel Moscow, which opened in part of the buildings restored (and rebuilt) the Moskva hotel on Manezh square. Despite the claims of authors of the project — V. Kolosnitsyna and “Mosproyekt-2” headed by M. Posokhin, that historic interiors will be restored, “partial preservation” original ideas happened only with facades — although there it had to be uncompromising, in full compliance with drawings by A. Shchusev in 1930-ies.

He invented how to improve the original constructivism frame L. Savelyev and O. Strabane (which, moreover, at the time of connection to the work of the Shchusev was built) neoclassical decor. He made a division of the main facade is more pronounced, the corners drawn up turrets and Grand entrance — a portico with eight operated roof, which has long been a well-known restaurant.

“Replica” formally this reproduces, but with deviations in the proportions, heights and even colors of the facades. The difference, which can be called an advantage, is the use in the construction of the latest technology. For example, the use of glass, which Shchusev and other Soviet architects of that time who experimented with reinforced concrete frame and glass walls, one could only dream of. Light transmission glass synergy is such that in winter the building is not cold, not hot in summer — one of the key issues of architecture of the avant-garde is resolved.

Well, what this glass views from hotel rooms will be able to represent everyone who has ever been in the capital: not to notice “Moscow”, surrounded by a ring of iconic squares — red, Manezhnaya, Teatralnaya and Revolution, is impossible.

Another city, the Central square which decorates the hotel — Izhevsk. From the panoramic Windows of the hotel network Park Inn is easy to examine and St. Michael’s Cathedral, and the local Opera and ballet theater, and Kalashnikov Museum — the one that invented the machine. Have used for cladding facades glass Planibel Azur is a nice light blue tint so when looking at the building from the outside it seems that in a continuous band of Windows reflects the sky.

A slightly more sophisticated silhouette of the glazed construction at Marriott Coutryard in another administrative center — this time in Eastern Siberia, in Irkutsk, 70 km from lake Baikal.

Place in the city — again, “center”, close to administration, drama theatre and the main pedestrian square. However, the tour operator world class has attracted to the city first of all, the proximity to the legendary lake. Moreover, after the successful experience of cooperation with the local professional community in Kazan and St. Petersburg, the hotel chain, has entrusted the project at the local architect Oleg Module and LLC “GABR”.

The most outstanding part of this project — in every sense of the word — became glass “corner”, which, according to the architect, it was supposed to do red and “marry” with the same bright and high-flowing entrance canopy. But first the customer has gone back on their word with an input group, and after giving up the red in favor of blue.

Although the blue of the avant-garde “wing” gives only in the evening: in the afternoon the glass Stopray Neo looks almost transparent and allows to solve problems of energy saving and shading, creating a comfortable microclimate for the people inside the building. Initially it was assumed that it will be the residents of ultra-modern apartments, but I was a customer at the last moment made the changes to the project, having all the “glass” area under the offices.

In the end, access to the “rooms with a view” needs to have not only clients of luxury hotels.

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