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All hotels in the world annually compete for the right to be the best, but to achieve this rank is very difficult, demanding a jury carefully selects the candidates. But, if the hotel get the prize – that says a lot. At the end of last year in London, held a competition for Europe’s best hotel in 2013 (European Hotel Designs of 2013), which marked the four hotels, each of which became the first in its category. I must say that during the competition, the best hotels are chosen by all criteria: their architecture, design rooms, interior bars, restaurants and bathrooms. Agree, within the jury of artists, architects, designers, and restaurateurs have a hard time, because each of the projects, certainly in something surpasses others. So here they are, the best European Hotel Designs .

Bulgari Hotel & Residences

Bvlgari Hotel & Residences in London is embodied in the exquisite design style of the famous brand Bulgari. The building height of ten storeys, designed by Antonio office CitterioPatricia Viel and Partners, in collaboration with London design Studio Squire and Partners, just “exudes” luxury. The decoration of its facades can compete with Buckingham Palace and the British Museum – the Portland stone, bronze decor cornices, elegant of balustradelor.

The famous brand produces exquisite items and decorations – which is why the decoration of the hotel dominated by silver, gold, natural flowing silk. Barely crossed the threshold you find yourself in a different, imbued with the luxury world. Hall zoned screens of polished steel reception Desk is upholstered in expensive leather. Black granite, marble and precious woods in the interior, which are used in the décor and in fine Italian furniture.

Strikes and the splendor of the rooms and restaurants. Exclusive products of the famous brand like: lamps, candle holders and table lamps, and this only adds to the already exquisite interior of wealth and elegance. Silver silk curtains in each room are embroidered by hand – their patterns are easily recognizable famous Bulgari jewelry from the collections of the last century.

This is the only hotel of this class, built in the British capital for the last forty years. The pride of the hotel is the SPA complex, the interior of which there is Italian stone, onyx and oak.

Speicher 7

7 Speicher (Speicher 7) received the award as the best hotel . converted from industrial buildings. The hotel is located in Mannheim, German in a former warehouse that had been vacant for the last thirty years. Creative thinking of designers Studio Schmucker und Partner Planungsgesellschaft mbH has turned a huge and long-abandoned structure is very unusual in a modern hotel. It would seem that the changes are minimal, especially in the facade of the building, which only improved it and added a photovoltaic system that provides an optimal indoor climate.

The interior of the hotel – quite in the spirit of the fifties of the last century. Rough concrete floors and ceilings, metal, Mat. Wood in the interior is found to be deliberately rude furniture, wicker screens and decorative elements. The design of the hotel really benefits from the fact that the artists decided not to change the height of the ceiling, leaving them as they were intended by the designers of the grain warehouse twenty foot. They didn’t reduce the size of the window openings – now the visitor, even in the small area of the room, feels the scale of the space, shall be laconic, but very cozy atmosphere. The jury was unanimous – a very unusual and talented embodied in the life of the solution.

Ushuaia Beach Hotel

Ushuaia Beach Hotel in Ibiza was updated in 2011, expanding its eight-Ushuaïa Tower. On the project, now entering into the best hotels in the world . worked talented artists Spanish Studio EstudioVilla13. To more seamlessly fit with the new building in the hotel complex, the artists used a very unusual idea, they are. “embroidered” on the white facades of the huge bright flowers, pinning a bouquet on a metal frame. Floral motif through all the buildings, connecting them together.

Not less original features and all rooms, some of which have even their, funny and unusual names.

“Fashion victim” (Fashion Victim Suites), with a round bed, made in a futuristic style. “Anything can happen” (Suites Anything Can Happen). the interiors are monochrome, with bright lavender details and luxurious sofa-transformer, piled a bunch of pillows. “I’m on top of the world” (Suite I’m On Top of the World), with a total area of 166 square meters, more reminiscent of a penthouse apartment. This room is serviced on an individual basis.

Alpina Gstaad

In the heart of the Alps is located another winner of this prestigious competition – the Alpina Gstaad. Now he is included in best hotels in the world . because the jury determined his undoubted superiority in all respects – the interior and the exterior. It is not surprising that were spent on its construction more than three hundred million Swiss francs. Such investments have paid off. Especially because it is the first hotel built in Gstaad (Gstaad) during the last century.

The design of the hotel is decorated in authentic local style, and its parts is a tree, and once more wood in the interior . It is in furniture, and fittings, the lamps and the ceiling finish. Through heat, which is the material, skillfully handled by local carpenters, the atmosphere of the hotel seems almost homemade, with a touch of a certain provinciality.

But, the hotel would not be one of the most elegant and gorgeous, if only it were so simple and rustic. The room is decorated with expensive leather furniture and stone pillars. Expertly designed lighting envelops the room, hall and dining a mysterious haze, and the Central hall has a frescoed ceiling, gold, and green tones, worthy to decorate the castles.

And what sort of restaurants! They are worthy of a separate discussion, in which discussion the menu will be not in last place.

The facade of the Bvlgari Hotel&Residences in London

Hall at the hotel Bulgari Hotel&Residences

The restaurant at the hotel Bulgari Hotel&Residences

The bar at the hotel Bulgari Hotel&Residences

The pub at the hotel Bulgari Hotel&Residences

Bar Speicher 7

The reception of the hotel Speicher 7

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