Gelendzhik: Hotels, Inns, Boarding Houses, Sanatoria

Pine grove, boarding house

Mediterranean climate with warm summers and mild winters, most of the length of the resort, developed infrastructure, a large number of affordable resorts and hotels that has made Noumea one of the most popular resorts on the black sea coast of Russia. Bounded by the sea, Gelendzhik Bay, and sushi Caucasus mountains, the resort area stretches along the coast for more than a hundred kilometers.

The holiday season opens the first Sunday of June, but the resort of Gelendzhik take vacationers year-round, somewhat reducing the rates in autumn and winter, when fall influx of tourists. Promenade, the longest in the world – a popular place for residents and visitors alike. In the resort a lot of places where you can relax: Safari Park, three water parks in different parts of the city, Nightclubs, restaurants and cafes. Two cable cars can climb mountains and enjoy the panorama of the resort city. For vacationers held carnivals, holidays and excursions. Here are just a few:

• jeeping – the opportunity to drive on the road on rough terrain;

• a visit to Abrau-Dyurso – the place of production of Russian champagne, where you can not only learn technology, but also to try the finished product;

• inspection of the dolmens – ancient cult and burial structures made of large rocks located in different parts of the resort area;

• trip to waterfalls Plisetski Mikhailovsky pass.

In recent years more and more holidaymakers choose to stay in the hotels of Gelendzhik . prices depend on the comfort level, month of arrival, proximity to the beach and or the town centre, as well as other factors. Choosing a hotel to stay, you need to consider first your needs. What do you need: high comfort, perhaps even luxury, or low cost? Probe: are there rooms where you can stay with children if you are going to rest the whole family, whether in payment for food and other things.

Many of the hotels of Gelendzhik not only have their own swimming pools and beaches, and SPAS. But if you want not only to relax but also to improve health, is to choose one of the resorts where they treat diseases of the musculoskeletal system, gastrointestinal tract, skin, cardiovascular, hematopoietic and nervous systems and others.

Gelendzhik – a great opportunity to relax and recuperate.

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