Hotel Astoria

One of the most famous hotels in St. Petersburg, the Astoria hotel, offered customers 90 renovated Deluxe and Superior Deluxe.

The hotel Astoria in St. Petersburg

New decor is luxurious

The author of the project – the famous Italian designer, Director of Rocco Forte Hotels, Olga to the Police. The new interiors of Astoria hotel combine a classic decor with the modern tradition of decorating hotel rooms. The concept – the rooms are designed in two colors: tender and fresh green in combination with sensual red. This unusual fusion of shades in the interior looks very harmonious and luxurious.

New decor is luxurious

When creating the decor of the new rooms of the hotel “Astoriya” was used only natural materials. So wooden floor combined with table tops of black marble and linen curtains and bedspreads. The bathrooms got extremely marble finish and are a real attraction of the renovated rooms of the legendary hotel.

Stars of the Mariinsky theatre in the Astoria

The walls of all rooms are decorated with photographs of the artists of the world-famous Mariinsky theatre, patron and sponsor of which has long been the “Astoria” hotel. Original photographs of scenes from the world of large format printed on linen fabric.

Kardynal Olga Police

Each room is designed by Olga to the Police as a harmonious continuation of the unique interior of the famous hotel where luxury combines with home comfort and hospitality. She noted that all of these changes are related to the fact that this year the hotel Astoria is celebrating its centenary.

The goal of the designer was, on the one hand, to preserve the historical ambiance and historic flavor of the building, on the other hand to freshen up the interior by adding some new accents in interior design.

Recall that now the historic hotel Astoria in the heart of St. Petersburg belongs to the international network of the Italian Rocco Forte Hotels.

Historic hotel

The hotel Astoria has always been extremely popular

The hotel “Astoria” is located on St. Isaac’s square in the heart of St. Petersburg. The hotel was opened in 1912, and the complete reconstruction was carried out in 1987. Astoria has always been extremely popular.

The hotel was a favorite meeting place of the Bohemia of the Silver age. In the beginning of the last century it was extremely fashionable salon, organized by Sergei Diaghilev. It was the place of high-society receptions and were the best representatives of the art world.

Within the walls of the Astoria has developed a whirlwind romance Comedy with the famed dancer Isadora Duncan, who danced for visitors. During the salons at the hotel Diaghilev performed and famous Opera singer Feodor Chaliapin. Thanks to them, the hotel “Astoria” has become an integral part of the history of St. Petersburg.

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