In any hotels in the world can feel like a celebrity?

Who from us though time in life dreamed of being famous? Glory, respect and worldwide acclaim – it all may open before a person any doors. And if popularity was overtaken on the road of life, we don’t think about the fact that the external glitter and tinsel of universal love sometimes is loneliness and oblivion.

But glory still haunt many, and to join it is not so difficult.

Quite possibly, your friend, back from holiday, says with delight that he lived in a hotel room, where he stayed Jim Morrison! And the next time the employee will send you a postcard from overseas, which boast that lives in the room where once whiled away their leisure time by herself Greta Garbo.

Many hotels in the world, once inhabited by famous people – writers, musicians, artists, politicians, exist to this day, despite the fact that some of them go back hundreds of years. And rooms “with the name and history of” all also available to guests.

However, not all such rooms faithfully reflect the story, but people often do not really want to match exactly the dates and circumstances. For many, the fact that you’ve been here a celebrity is dovolnotaki reason to pay for the desired room any money.

And if history cannot be reversed, can at least touch.

Want to feel like a famous person? Then a few hotels in different countries at your service!

USA, new York, the hotel Chelsea

Despite the fact that this hotel was built in the late nineteenth century, known for his personality of the 20th century: Tennessee Williams, Andy Warhol, Arthur Miller, in the last years of his life was here, and mark TWAIN.

In 60-ies of XX century in Chelsea lived and created their legendary music of Leonard Cohen, Jimi Hendrix and Bob Dylan. And the leader of the controversial band the Sex Pistols left a sad memories in this hotel he, being under the influence of drugs, killed with a knife his girlfriend. Quite naturally, these events the hotel management prefers not to remember, so that today the rooms in which the act was committed, does not exist.

This hotel will forever be firmly associated with the names of John Lennon and Yoko Ono. Here, in one of the rooms, in March 1969, they began their honeymoon. But, because at that time they were already very well known the hotel was full of reporters, whom the couple met with calls for world peace.

Since then, the interior of the star room practically has not changed: still the same huge double bed, and on the walls of saved drawings Lennon and some of the phrases.

To spend a day in the room, which still hovers the spirit of the famous musician and his extravagant wife, costs about 2000 euros.

At this hotel once known as Hotel d’alsace, she lived in poverty his last days the most famous man of his time, now a classic of English literature Oscar Wilde.

The room in which the writer died in 1900, certainly does not look like more than a hundred years ago. But the owners have tried to attach the walls, which are still preserved letters of employees of the requirement to pay the bills, decadent style. Rooms are decorated with solid wooden furniture and red velvet is almost the same as in the London house of the writer.

To experience the tragic fate of Oscar Wilde and yet to join his literary talent for 640 euros per day.

In this first class hotel, in a beautiful little town on lake Geneva for 16 years, until his death, lived the writer Vladimir Nabokov.

Today the sixth floor of the hotel Montreux Palace, where the rooms occupied by the writer and his wife, called “Floor Nabokov”.

The cost of one of the former rooms of the family Nabokov is 750 CHF per day.

This historic hotel has seen many famous personalities. Before the revolution, the Hotel de l’europe, in the hotel “European” – no matter how changed name, this hotel will always hold the memory of those who lived and worked there, creating the best of their works.

Here I briefly lived Tchaikovsky, there were George Bernard Shaw, Maxim Gorky, and the beautiful music of Shostakovich and Prokofiev as if still ringing in the walls of the hotel.

And in honor of Stravinsky, Pavarotti, named Dostoevsky’s even a separate apartment.

To join the history, for example, in an “Apartment of Dostoevsky,” will cost fans of Fyodor Mikhailovich 85 thousand rubles per day.

In the first half of the nineteenth century, the Brown’s hotel was one of the first in London hotels with an Elevator and a telephone.

A characteristic feature of this hotel was that there were royalties stayed: the king of Greece George II, Emperor Napoleon III, the Emperor of Ethiopia Haile Selassie I, as well as the 26th U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt and 32nd President of the United States – Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Another famous guest was the writer Rudyard Kipling, and in this hotel the birthplace of his famous “the jungle Book”

Similar hotels around the world, and everyone can tell the tourists its special, not like another story. Staying in the room, where many years ago lived a famous person, it seems the time for a while back, and you can hear the rustle of ladies ‘ dresses, fashion in past centuries, and the bell rings suddenly appear fit and well-trained receptionist…

But in what world people live, for no matter how famous the rooms are not pursued, they always return home, and the memory of our favorite musicians, actors and writers will forever remain in their hearts.

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