Legendary hotel

Burj Al Arab

An artificial island created in the Persian Gulf specifically for the “Arab towers”, connected to “mainland” thin curved bridge. At the airport you will be met by pre-booked from the hotel a Rolls Royce with a personal driver who will take you through it directly to the hotel-sail. If you want, any car of premium-class can be replaced by a private helicopter, which will reduce travel time and give first, unforgettable impression with a fantastic view from the air. The height of the tower exceeds 300 meters, it is perfectly visible from any point on the coast and was included in the Guinness Book of world records. The virtuoso architecture is amazing, but what you will find inside, perhaps, will surprise you even more. Behind a modern façade hides the real Palace.

Friendly staff will be happy to register you in the Suite with a magnificent view of the peaceful sea. In this exclusive services and privileges guests of Burj Al Arab are just beginning.

Each room is a combination of Arab aesthetics with European level of comfort. Golden columns, marble, painted carpets, spacious seats and spacious canopies over beds will tell you about the Eastern culture more than the tales of Scheherazade. And through the window in the wall you can count all the sunrises and sunsets.

The hotel has more than 1600 people from 75 countries. Each Suite serves more than 8 people — to care about your stay in the East not be found anywhere else. Your attentive Butler will solve any issue from the car rental from our own fleet Burj Al Arab before your romantic dinner at the water’s edge.

In the fitness center and pools-the infinity has all conditions for sports and relaxation after a workout would be nice to Talise Spa & Health Club. Especially recommend the hot stone massage — it will help to restore forces and to come to internal equilibrium.

One of the favorite formats of leisure guests — walk on a private yacht, which the staff can arrange in any moment of rest. Views of the brilliant “sail” you will remember for a long time.

Of course, the Burj Al Arab is the perfect place for your wedding reception. The hotel will take over a thousand important details on the organization of the festival, will take care of the comfort of your guests and for lovers will create the atmosphere of magic and mystery, which you can only dream of. The aroma of sandalwood, rose petals, intoxicating beauty of the East. Than not the beginning of a new tale about a great love that Scheherazade needs to tell.

Journey to Burj Al Arab – it is also an opportunity to make a real gastronomic tour inside just one property. But what! Eight restaurants Arabic, far East Asian and modern European cuisine continuously working on exclusive recipes and perfecting a classic, so you can try the best of them.

On couches in silk garnet color upholstery you can sit around all day, gazing out the window as the sun plays with the waves. Cook, who did not spare portions, will make you a seasoned herbs and spices of the local cuisine. Gold patterned arches create an atmosphere of the rich tent. And in the evening on each table in carved candlestick candle lights, and the colours of the sunset fill the hall…

In Arabic, Al Muntaha means “the highest”. The facility is located on the 27th floor, namely 200 meters above sea level. Is it worth trying to describe in words views surrounded by the lights of Dubai and the Arabian Gulf falling asleep? This panorama in its entirety will not present any picture of her is worth seeing with your own eyes and keep the memory in heart, like a coin, to return. But not only the design and the special location made the restaurant popular, and primarily modern European cuisine in the author’s performance.

A visit to this restaurant begins with a short trip in a submarine simulator. Unusual interactivity allows guests to immerse themselves in the sights, so to speak, to catch a wave. In the design of Al Mahara entered the huge illuminated aquarium, populated with colorful fish, coral and other inhabitants of the seabed. It creates the illusion that you are on a depth of a few tens of meters. Here you can try high sea food in the traditions of East and West and to enhance the fresh taste of dishes excellent wine recommended by the sommelier team of professional.

Features the hotel has a mini club for children, where young (by age, not by value) guests will be engaged in professional educators. Kids can safely entrust a professional and experienced nanny while you indulge yourself kationami evening or morning shopping (the biggest shopping Mall of Dubai you quickly and comfortably takes auto S-class with a personal driver).

For families looking for a Wild Wadi water Park under the open sky. It is within walking distance of the hotel. Offers 30 water rides and attractions, and rafting on the river and fun in the waves.

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