Notel Haven

Notel Haven. An unusual hotel in Helsinki

About the Association of Small Luxury Hotels of the world I first heard in Riga. It happened quite accidentally. We walked around the centre and we were attracted by its facade c classic and elegant French balconies and a very modern roof-the attic of one building located on the square in Bergs Bazaar. Directly across from the entrance stood a luxurious chestnut tree. The sign says that it’s “Hotel Bergs”.

We decided to go out of curiosity. We were met by a friendly Concierge and one of them kindly offered us a tour of the hotel.

Outside the building was quite classical architecture of the XIX century, if not to take into account the roof. Inside the hotel was absolutely eclectic interior, which consists of neoclassical elements in the form of fireplaces and stucco, modern, functional furniture and African motifs in the decoration.

Special attention is paid to Concierge long tiered courtyard of concrete and glass with frosted lamps.

The rooms are also designed in a modern style. Among them were two-story with spiral staircases.

Spacious and bright on the roof-the attic, which we so attracted, turned out to be is a huge conference room with views of the old city.

Overall, the experience turned out to be very positive. In the end, when saying goodbye, the Concierge showed us a thick glossy booklet with the acronym “SLH” and said that the Hotel Bergs a member of the Association Small Luxury Hotels of the world which, in turn, includes more than 500 hotels in more than 70 countries around the world.

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Planning another trip to Helsinki, I wanted to find some fancy hotel. It turned out that in this city there is only one hotel of this Association with the promising title “Haven Hotel”, the room in which I quickly booked.

Membership was absolutely free, and promised some nice little advantages. For example, such as a glass of champagne at the meeting, late check out (until 16.00), Breakfast for two persons in the room included in the price. All promised items were made and even more.

The room was cleaned several times a day. Moreover, a maid I never saw, and understood that she was drawn apart in the morning and in the evening the curtains on the Windows and all the time empty trash baskets.

Unusual Hotel Haven is located in the centre of Helsinki at the port. Unfortunately, the view of the Harbor and water from the lux class rooms and suites. Two other room categories, comfort and style have views of the Unionin the street or the courtyard. In addition, offers a choice between rooms with shower and bath. Of course, I chose the bathroom. The hotel itself is located in a fairly modern building. In appearance, it seems that the second half of the twentieth century, although, I did not specify.

Inside is very nice and cozy, despite the large, even huge Windows in the lobby and the lobby. At the Haven bar is very atmospheric with a huge Desk stand, full of all kinds of bottles of alcohol in the center of the room, with plush sofas and deep armchairs.

If you go down the few stairs down and pass the pointer to the left through the courtyard with a glass roof, you can find yourself in a small restaurant where Breakfast is served. Here are three other restaurant specializing in fish and seafood Havis, modern Finnish cuisine — G. W. Sundmans and Sundmans Krog — in a secluded area with Finnish and European menu. By the way, Hotel Haven and two of its restaurants Havis and G. W. Sundmans . No Michelin stars establishments do not have, but even the mere mention of such directory gives them a special status and guarantees a delicious, quality food and decent service. In confirmation of this at the entrance to the hotel flaunts signature red Michelin sticker. In General, a dream of a gourmet.

On the ground floor is the gym, which is very popular among tourists, and several rooms for spa treatments. As it turned out, the hotel SPA is your no. But, at the request of the customer, are invited from masters of Siluetti Spa, which is located in a seven-storey building right above the store, “Louis Vuitton”. You can order any one from the list salon. I, as usual, was doing it through the Internet. But keep in mind, if you cancel less than 24 hours, you lose 50% of the total cost.

All rooms in this unusual hotel are tastefully furnished in gray and lilac tones. Original paintings on the walls difficult to grasp the content of contemporary artists. Dressers, bedside tables, lamps and stools artificially aged, which gives a special charm to the rooms. The door of the Minibar much more accepted with love the inscription “Your mini-bar”. Inside is kladochka with the usual small fridge, a safe, a shelf with glasses of all sizes and assortment of snacks. The bathroom in the spa-style features even small TV. I, honestly, did not include as large in the room, but I think it works. All cosmetics and accessories provided by the British brand Elemis. Very pleasant smelling, scented shampoos, shower gel and body lotion, leaving skin velvety and soft.

Unlike spent evenings in the lobby, Breakfast a bit disappointing due to the lack of fresh orange juice and scrambled eggs. But, croissants, Karelian pies and oatmeal you can eat. About the courtesy and politeness conserjes, I think, to write, not very appropriate, it is granted “including”.

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