The best hotels for honeymoon

Wedding night and honeymoon the newlyweds prefer to spend not at home but somewhere more romantic, a lovely room with a huge bed strewn with rose petals, Jacuzzi and a beautiful balcony from which you can admire the scenery. A hotel room for the newlyweds is not cheap, but unforgettable. Yeah, besides, the honeymoon is not often the case, so to afford such a luxury is quite possible, after the wedding. The best of the best wedding hotels are located in Paris, Prague, Las Vegas, Venice, Rome, Florence. But also the tale of the first unforgettable wedding night at the local latitude, in the cottage on the Uktus .

The most romantic capital of the world, Paris has probably the biggest list of wedding hotels in the first lines of which are: hotel majestic Plaza, hotel George V, Paris Marriott Champs Elysées. It attracts lovers from all over the world to capture his kiss in front of Eiffel tower, treat yourself to a delicious coffee and croissant in bed.

In the capital of Italy, Rome is hotels: Grandhotel, Palatino, Brasile and Turner. And in Venice the most expensive and popular wedding hotel Cipriani with its own ancient chapel.

A cheaper option are the wedding hotels in the sea resorts of the Black and Mediterranean seas. For example, Turkey is super modern hotel off the coast of Antalya,Adam & Eve: the name speaks for itself. In Greece, the resort Santorini, hotel Santorini, Mystique Hotel: more than two thousand square meters site, the beautiful scenery of the sea. In UAE, Dubai, the famous hotel-sail Burj Al Arab Hotel, which impresses with its luxury at first sight. In every hotel room looks like royalty: oversized Jacuzzi, sleeper couch, furniture, stained glass mirror, flowers and the best champagne, stunning views from the window. An unforgettable romantic dinner can be enjoyed in the underwater restaurant, surrounded by fish.

For the wedding night and honeymoon, many young couples choose wedding hotels in Thailand, Mexico, Costa Rica, Hawaii, the Maldives Islands, where high quality service combined with an unprecedented romance. For example, a hotel Halekulani Hotel Honolulu, Hawaii, USA will delight newlyweds unusual number, which was created by the famous designer Vera Wang. And in Thailand, hotel Amanpuri Resort Phuket, Phuket, offers not only a wonderful vacation, but also the opportunity to restore your strength for all future cohabitation.

An unusual hotel for couples and honeymooners located in Canada: hotel Suites Fallsview Niagara Falls. A feature of the hotel that it is located near Niagara falls, and from the Windows of the rooms you can spend hours watching from a great height the water falls.

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