The haunted hotel

The hotel Crescent Hotel & Spa, Arkansas, USA

When the phrase “the haunted hotel” in mind, usually come ancient castles of Europe, steeped in hundreds of years of history and dark legends. But in many other parts of the world there are no less sinister place, one of which will be discussed in this article. The hotel Crescent Hotel & Spa in the United States is so populated with supernatural creatures, that even got the title of most ghosts in America!

The most famous in the US, the haunted hotel, Crescent Hotel & Spa

The history of the haunted hotel started in 1886. For construction of the Crescent Hotel took two years and 294 000 $ – huge for those times the sum. At that time it was one of the most prestigious hotels in the United States. Came here on vacation, people from high society, the day they went on horseback riding in the scenic surroundings or organized picnics at the lake of the Ozarks (water which is considered medicinal), and in the evenings gathered in the restaurant where a band was playing and dances were held.

The restaurant at the Crescent Hotel & Spa. In the XIX century it housed the ballroom.

However, investor expectations were justified modest pace. The income hardly cover the cost of staranimolinar and value for money. Therefore, in the winter of 1908 the building became the property of female College and Conservatory.

The hotel Crescent in the late nineteenth century

In 1937, the house buys a certain Norman Baker, well known as a very eccentric personality. He was the owner of the radio station KTNT and gained unprecedented fame for her scandalous transmissions, unsuccessfully ran for Governor of Iowa and earned a fortune on the sale of cancer drugs. These drugs had absolutely no positive effect on patients, resulting in enterprising charlatan became interested in law enforcement. However, the adventurer has got off easily enough and after a short imprisonment, decided to continue its “medical” activities. At this time he buys former Crescent hotel. to start a sanatorium for cancer patients.

With this new business opened not only fraudulent, but also the incredibly violent nature of Norman Baker. The worst hotel of America owes much to him getting the title. Making the fake documents of the doctor and deploying an extensive advertising campaign, Baker invited people with cancer for treatment by his method. People believed his promises of full recovery and gave a considerable amount. Only on arrival at the resort, he is a former Crescent hotel, they knew how cruelly been deceived.

Leaflet advertising the resort, released in 1939

No one can accurately say what happened in “the sanatorium”. The only reliable fact – magical healings happened here, and none of the patients got rid of their disease. Norman Baker hired the actors for their promotional campaigns across the country, who argued that underwent this treatment and got rid of the cancer. Rumor has it that arrived on the treatment of patients he was held in captivity and forced them to write letters to their relatives, where they claimed that are on the mend. The surrounding area was crawling and creepier rumors: that in the basement of the building the owner has equipped the office, where he spent his experimental procedure and exposed the corpses of the dead. There was also a mortuary and a crematorium, where he burned the bodies…

In these basements was once the morgue and the operating table. On the door is a portrait of Morgan Baker.

In 1940, Baker once again sent to prison. The building of the Crescent Hotel in 1946 redeem four entrepreneurs, restored again and turned into a hotel. In 1967 the hotel there’s a fire, which was heavily damaged upper floors. Then Crescent Hotel again and again was restored and changed its owners. Currently Crescent Hotel & Spa offers two types of accommodation: rooms in the main house and separate cottages on the territory of the adjacent Park. The cottages were built relatively recently (the first cottage was built here in 2008) and not yet inhabited by otherworldly creatures. Both rooms and cottages executed in different styles. The hotel has a pool and Spa.

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