The history of the hotel “Bristol Zhiguli”

Hotel “Bristol-Zhiguly” hotel is located in business and historical centre of the city on one of the main streets – Kuibyshev street, which was then called Noble. The hotel is built in the art Nouveau style of the 19th century that really draws the eye of people passing by.

And now we will plunge into history.

In 1870 he began to build the mansion of Elizabeth I. Subbotina, and the construction of this building was delayed for nine years. And here, in 1879, the inhabitants of the city could see a brick building with plastered façade. Three floors of the house were the most optimal for a tavern (hotel) buildings. If you look at the plan, the building looked like the letter “T” and the horizontal part was beautiful frontage on Noble street (now Kuibyshev), and vertical into the quarter.

A little later, the mistress began to take right wing of the first floor of a shop Franz A. Neumann, and the left wing of the first floor, the entire second and third floors were entirely given over to rent for hotel.

January 1, 1897. Elizaveta Ivanovna Subbotina Trading House the Ivanov brothers rented the building and later opened ” a Great Central hotel “. The location choice of not accidentally – at the time, the best advertisement of hotels was considered their location.

From 1897 to 1907 in a private hotel Samara was 60 comfortably furnished numerous the channels from 75 C. to 6 p. per day. At the same time in the rooms already had baths with hot water, the building was illuminated by electricity. In the hotel you can call on the number 1-92, and book a room, a table at a restaurant or rent a hall for a Banquet. Guests need not worry about transport from the railway station or from the river jetties (and back) because the clients were delivery service to the place by the omnibus. (Omnibus – multi-crew horse-drawn carriage for passengers).

Room service at the hotel was at the highest level. Every employee spoke French, English, German, Spanish and Polish.

Of course, competition has existed at all times and, at times, against the owners of “Grand Central of” the company’s competitors have used “forbidden” techniques: bribing cab drivers, telling stories about the hotel. In General, tried to discourage customers cash and lower the status of in the eyes of the guests. But the hotel, despite such a nasty game, always been able to boast a large number of visitors as at present.

The hotel restaurant was the best in Samara. The kitchen was verhovodova Moscow chef who cooked exquisite dishes and creative appetizers. Two halls of the restaurant (Banquet) have been decorated with tropical plants. Already in 1900 the restaurant had a separate room and Billiards. In the Banquet hall were often held charity evenings and concerts, and collected fine PM German community, which, of course, was very profitable for the hotel.

As mentioned earlier, the mansion of E. I. Saturday was rented Trading House of brothers of Ivanovs. In 1907 they transferred their “Great Central hotel” from rented buildings into a new.

But despite moving out of home Elizabeth Ivanovna Ivanov Subbotina hotel hotel the history of the building does not end, but continues at a higher level. In 1908-1909, the building of the Samara region was repaired and reconstructed. Despite the cosmetic repair of the facade, changed even the style of the building. Built in the style of “classicism” was rebuilt in the style of “decadence” (or “late modern”) project architect and technician-Builder Mikhail Fomich Kwiatkowski. The building was only 3 storeys, only the leftmost part of the wing with arched entrance on the first floor and a narrow Central portion received in the development of the fourth floor.

November 16, 1908 rebuilt and renovated building opened hotel “Grand Hotel” with a chic restaurant. This date can be considered as the second birthday private Samara hotel “Bristol-Zhiguly”. On the first floor right wing of the “Grand Hotel” is still housed weapons-optical shop Neumann with a sign in the form of a huge Golden pince-nez with blue glasses.

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