The jewel of St Petersburg

Full name: Hotel Astoria St. Petersburg

Stars: 5

Type: historic hotel

Number of rooms: 168, including 5 presidential suites

Room price: from 8 000 in low season

At the turn of XIX-XX centuries only the most fashionable hotel in the world named “Astoria”. The founders of this tradition became the Anglo-American heirs of the dynasty the Astors, who created a network of luxury hotels “Waldorf Astoria”.

St. Petersburg “Astoria”, built 100 years ago in the era of the Belle époque by the famous architect Johann-Friedrich Lidval, from the first days of its existence has gained the reputation of the most comfortable hotels of the city and one of the best in Europe. Its luxurious hall “Winter garden”, a superbly equipped kitchen, restaurants, cafes, Banquet halls, library and rooms – this was all done by the very latest technology and meet the requirements of the most demanding and famous guests.

Acting General Director of the Walter K. Neumann notes: “…if any ruler, whether Nicholas II, Lenin, Khrushchev, Brezhnev, at all times, the hotel Astoria was the epitome of elegance and style. Considering ceresco he had to go, this is an outstanding achievement”. And it was indeed what: revolution, coups, the siege of Leningrad, post-war development and the post-Soviet period. Each stage has left its mark in the history of the hotel.

In turn, Astoria keeps in its records information about exceptional events of the past, in the midst of which she had to be, and also about the key figures of the time who were frequent guests of the hotel. Here you not only stayed, but lived and worked Mikhail Bulgakov, Sergei Yesenin, Isadora Duncan, Mikhail Sholokhov, Alexander Vertinsky, Vladimir Vysotsky, Sergei Diaghilev, Andrei Mironov, Sergei Dovlatov and other distinguished guests.

Today’s “Astoria” as a hundred years ago, is one of the best hotels of St. Petersburg, as also evidenced by its affiliation to the prestigious world collection of world’s best hotels — The Leading Hotels of The World, existing since 1928. The present high status of the hotel is a credit to his management company The Rocco Forte Hotels. Almost fifteen years ago, the company of sir Rocco Forte had a major reconstruction the Astoria, while retaining elements of the original decor of the hotel is peculiar to St. Petersburg early twentieth century.

Modern views rapidly emerging market hoteliers require large spaces and the integration of relevant technologies. In this regard, currently, the renovation of the Astoria continues: we are currently remodeling its room stock. The management decided that the decision to increase the spaces of the rooms by combining rooms according to the principle of “three two”. So now the hotel has fewer rooms than a hundred years ago, and on many levels, every second doorway is a stylisation. But the comfort of the rooms meets the most demanding requirements of the current time.

The hotel definitely feels home-like atmosphere. Your contribution to this and courteous staff, who will adopt traditions from more experienced and knowledgeable colleagues. Service Director Astoria Lydia Leontyeva has been almost a quarter century creates a mood for its guests. Rumor has it that many guests come to the hotel only because of her. In a cozy atmosphere contribute and sophisticated design solutions cousin of sir Rocco Forte’s Olga Polizzi. Her design style is characterized by a practical use of space, harmonious colour and environmental friendliness – are used only natural materials such as wood, linen and marble.

Thanks to the combination of modern design, decorated in pastel, coral and turquoise tones, and true Russian parts, such as linen and curtains, rooms created an atmosphere of natural comfort and tranquility. The presence in the interior of the books of Russian classics brings a touch of creativity. And the presence of all necessary modern technical devices make stay comfortable on any trip.

Each element of the decor of the hotel is in the process of careful breeding. For example, a decorative vase to be ordered from Italy, and branded pens to be delivered from England.

Luxurious lobby interiors “Astoria” is designed in modern style and elaborately decorated with crystal chandeliers, Antiques and paintings by Russian artists. In-line spaces “Astoria” most common rare furniture. With its help, recreates the classic ambiance of yesteryear. Thus, the simple elegance of the hotel is combined with its elegance and monumentality, creating a unique image.

In Astoria there are twelve categories of rooms: variations of standards, semi-suites and suites. Top desires — spacious presidential suites, named after great Russian composers: “Tchaikovsky”, “Prokofiev”, “Rachmaninoff”, “Shostakovich” and “Stravinsky”. Each Suite has two bedrooms, living room, dining room, two bathrooms, a guest toilet and a spacious hall. Rooms with the best view on St. Isaac’s square, Mariinsky Palace, monument to Nicholas I and St. Isaac’s Cathedral (50 meters away).

Actually, I should say that the hotel’s location is extremely convenient for exploring St. Petersburg. In close proximity is the main symbol of the city – the Hermitage Museum. Ten minutes walking and you are near the Kazan Cathedral.

Having the unconditional status of the best five-star hotels of the city, the Astoria offers guests a 24-hour service, breakfasts in the room and has all facilities for real rest: restaurant “Davidov”, bar “Kandinsky”, living room “rotunda” with live music, a SPA center and a beauty salon.

In the “Astoria” your neighbor can become the President of Russia or Prime Minister of great Britain, the king of Morocco or the President of the United States, a famous actress, or a legendary cultural figure. But don’t be surprised if your thoughts stay the status the person does not confirm the personnel, because in the “Astoria” everyone can obtain the status of “Incognito”. We only need to indicate their desire when registering at the hotel.

All guests receive the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the initials of well-known contemporaries, who appreciated the hospitality of the hotel, recorded on gold plates near the Elevator in the lobby of the first floor. Among them you will find names such as Nikita Mikhalkov, Alla Pugacheva, Madonna, Vladimir Putin, Oleg Yankovsky, Monica Bellucci, Sharon stone, Michael Douglas, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Ralph Lauren, Ozzy Osbourne, Hillary Clinton, Gerard Depardieu and many others.

Opinion TopCrop: the territory of the hotel Astoria is a historic space. Getting to the hotel, makes one wonder about the history of St. Petersburg and diverse imbued with the spirit of Russia of the XX century. The hotel will primarily be enjoyed by people who appreciate a homely atmosphere, elegance and simplicity.

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