The most famous haunted hotels

Any phenomenon that cannot be explained from the point of view of science, scares and frightens people. We are afraid of ghosts, werewolves, vampires, bloodthirsty aliens and black magicians, however, in some cases, unknown phenomena become much closer to our real world. So, for example, happened to the ghosts that live in the famous hotels. Guests are so used to them that already don’t pay attention to strange things and events. Moreover, this hotel has become world famous and attract thousands of tourists from all corners of the globe. Unfortunately, our family hotels in Kazan or Moscow can not boast “homemade” ghosts. Ghosts are more Inns live in houses built at least 100 years ago. Most of these hotels in UK and USA. Some of them we will cover in this article.

Let us begin, perhaps, with England. The most famous Ghost of the country lives in the Ostrich hotel. According to the legend, a Ghost is the undead spirit of a former innkeeper, who was executed in the 16th century for the murder of his guests. No less popular and the Macdonald Berystede Hotel, in the corridor which can often be seen the Blue lady. In the early 19th century the hotel was on fire. Beloved master, Eliza Kleininger tried to pull from the fire your jewelry, but did not have time to run out of the building and burned. Since then, she wanders on the site of his death, is still trying resuscitology with the decorations.

Equally creepy history can tell us and of US. Here, for example, ThorneWood castle. In its walls, in 2002 starred mini-series on the famous work of Stephen king “Hotel Red rose”. After the shooting here really began to work the hotel, but to get rid of the terrible atmosphere of despair and fear to the owners and failed. Guests often feel intense cold, against which no powerful heaters, hear strange sounds and constantly feel close someone’s invisible presence. Russian tourists, who visited the infamous castle, back home in the upset feelings, so it remains only to happy for of the city of Nizhny Novgorod and other Russian towns, in which at least one can sleep without fear of the intervention of supernatural forces.

Another popular in America hotel with ghosts is located in Carthage. Locals claim that the building of the old hotel lives a real Ghost. It is quite possible to believe, if his own eyes to see how the door is opened and closed by themselves. The presence of Ghost speak, and the dense clouds of tobacco smoke, which also just appear from nowhere and disappear after a few seconds.

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