The most famous hotels in the world

If you are tired of the usual hotel, visit the unique places on our list.

The coldest hotel (Swiss Ice Hotel)

This hotel built entirely of ice, so the average temperature inside the room does not exceed 5 degrees below zero. But two rooms in this exotic resort costs from £ 195 per day. So that guests didn’t die of the cold, spread out on the floors of bear skin and sleep customers like this “den” in thick sleeping bags. This hotel even houses a chapel where connect married young couples.

The ice hotel is open for visitors only 5 months a year, and with the onset of spring it completely melts under the rays of the sun.

Burj al Arab – most expensive hotel-the skyscraper

Dubai is famous for its highest hotel in the world. 202-meter structure all 202 rooms are two-storey, and a night spent in one of them, will cost 1500 dollars. The hotel itself is built in the shape of a sail, for what it called “Sail”, and at night its walls are transformed into a huge screen with Teflon coating, on which you can observe an original light show. At the top of this unique building is a helipad, which affluent guests may use the tennis court. In Russia the hotels Kuznetskie can also boast of its exquisite comfort.

Palazzo Resort Hotel (Las Vegas) – the largest hotel capacity rooms

Number of rooms at the American hotel is exactly equal to 8108. In addition, it also accommodates more than a hundred card table, nearly fifteen hundred slot machines, and also, there are stylish boutiques and restaurants. Next to the main foyer is a private salon car sales the best-known brands. On a huge stage performs regularly show from Broadway’s Jersey Boys. The complete picture the very roomy hotel in the world completed with a few pools and hot tubs, which, by the way, you can visit the onsite apartments Tushino .

The oldest hotel Hoshi Ryokan

Japan has always been famous for its attractions, which may include Hoshi Ryokan hotel, built in 718. This ancient abode of the travelers survived all historical events that took place in the land of the rising sun: the rise and fall of the samurai, the ninja, the reign of the emperors and world war II. According to legend, the location of the future building indicated its founder mountain spirit. There is an underground hot spring, which still provides hot water to several large baths, located in the hotel.

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