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Features that have made hotels Cape Grace, “Burj al Arab” and “Poseidon Mystery island” is known. Brief description of hotels, rooms description, services provided in them.

For people jaded stay in similar hotel rooms, people who are interested in what surroundings live the powers that be, made this brief excursion into the world of luxury, exotic glamour and splendor. In Moscow you can stay, clearing the room, like a hotel Zarya is a good option. But where to stay in foreign countries, where you come to relax or to work?

The hotel, which bears the title of “best hotel in Africa”, is located in Cape town. It’s called the Cape Grace offers two presidential suites, which offer a magnificent view of the ocean. Those who appreciate the finer things, but a maximum of that allowed himself in the past – views from the window of Moscow. guests can enjoy a wide view, a beautiful yacht, cruising in coastal waters. Also interesting, the hotel and an abundance of art works of art within it. Cape Grace guests can admire the objects of historical and cultural value, works of African artists: shamanic drums, masks, jewelry.

“Burjal-Arab” seven – star hotel in Dubai, located on an artificial island, which stretches from the continent by a bridge 280 m. All rooms are equipped with appliances of the highest class, finishing each of them scrutinized the world’s best designers. One of the most impressive things about interior design is that its decoration was spent 8,000 square meters of 22-carat gold leaf. Price per night ranges from 1 to 15 thousand dollars. Each room has huge wall-to-wall window, which offers stunning views of the Arabian Gulf.

In the near future will open an underwater hotel “Poseidon Mystery island”, located at 12 meters depth, near the island of Fiji. The area occupied by the hotel, is 99 000 sq. m. From the Windows of their rooms guests can observe the underwater life of villagers, admire reefs and marine plants. A full range of services associated with underwater travel, will be provided to the customers: swimming on a submarine, excursions to the reefs, visit underwater caves (of course accompanied by experienced instructors). And if you are a dedicated patriot of native aspens, for which there is nothing more comfortable and beautiful than the Golden ring hotel. the rest in the underwater world will seem magnificent adventure!

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