The most unusual hotels in the world

Why not come up with hotel owners to attract the attention of tourists. Quiet and secluded hotels, houses on wheels, above ground and under water. The demand for unusual sensations and thrills will always be, so we will continue to surprise.

We have made a selection of the most unusual hotels in the world, in which I would like to visit.

Hotel “Airstream” (France)

Retro-holidays in mobile homes-vans became possible in France. Unforgettable atmosphere and the style of the America of the fifties created on the territory of 23 hectares with twenty houses on wheels. Each of the homes has its own small garden and this collection of Antiques from around the world. There is a bar “Apollo lounge”, where performances by both professionals and Amateurs. Under the open sky you can watch movies and even play croquet.

The hotel “Al Maha Desert Resort” (UAE, Dubai)

Comfortable tents, tons of sand, great scenery, camels and other “attributes” of the desert offer in the hotel “Al Maha Desert Resort”. Here you can feel like a real Bedouin, accustomed to the sun and heat. Although the deprivation of the desert in a comfortable hotel won’t have, because the water is here in abundance: pools, fountains, cups and decanters.Tent guests of the hotel can participate in camel safaris, falconry or just archery.

The Hotel “Ariau Amazon Towers” (Brazil)

If you are not afraid of heights and don’t mind enjoying the surroundings from the height of bird’s flight, then welcome to this quaint hotel in the Brazilian town of Manaus. Several wooden towers, as if the bird houses, set on the trunks of enormous trees. But to get to your room you will need to walk hanging bridges. Each house is at a height of not less than 60 metres. In addition, the hotel has two swimming pools at the height of four meters above the ground.

By the way, you can’t just tell your friends about the original rest, but to show a certified document about your “feat” – sleeping at altitude.

The hotel “Crown Plaza Hotel and Conference Center” (USA, Indiana)

It’s not just a train hotel is a train station with all the attributes. Thirteen polanowski sleeping cars put on quite a ways, named after famous people of the twentieth century: Charlie Chaplin, Winston Churchill. And by the way the hotel continues to perform its original function and misses the train. So the hotel complex is ideal for those who like to “train” the romance of sleeping under a measured knock of wheels.

In addition, it offers a restaurant, bar, swimming pool and gym.

The hotel “De Vrouwe van Stavoren” (the Netherlands, Stavoren)

The hotel is created from four empty casks from the French wine Beaujolais, previously prepared at a local winery “s Albada'”. One barrel which has a volume of 14 500 litres, is a room with two beds with the standard amenities: twin beds, TV, bathroom, shower. And from the Windows of these bedrooms have wonderful views over the garden or the old harbour of the fishing town of Stavoren.

Hotel-school “Mc Menemins Kennedy School Hotel” (US, Portland)

Elementary school of Portland, opened in 1915, offers to return to the happy school years. In the rooms, where previously housed the classes now are real hotel rooms: Board, chalk, school desks, phone. In addition guests can visit the restaurant, cinema, here is a small brewing factory. Here the former dining room transformed into a restaurant, boiler room – in multi-level bar and Assembly hall – in a cinema, decorated with frescoes depicting the history of the school.

The Hotel “Capsule Inn” (Japan, Tokyo)

Capsule hotels have been gaining popularity, not only in Japan. This hotel consists of two parts: the common living room or small personal space. The capsule is made of plastic, and this small room has all the amenities: TV, radio, alarm clock, lighting, and, of course, a comfortable bed.

The Hotel “Celica” (Slovenia, Ljubljana)

One of the most fashionable hostels in Europe. Its uniqueness is that it was built in a former prison. After the Declaration of independence, the prison ceased to exist, and only in 2003 it was converted into a youth hostel. On the doors and Windows here are real grids, despite that 20 former cells look cozy.

Today “Celica” is not just a place where you can stay, but also a real cultural center, where exhibitions, lectures, seminars.

The hotel “Hotel im Wasserturm” (Germany, Cologne)

Once upon a time the water tower was a monument of architecture but the practical Germans, after extensive renovation, turned it into a real hotel. Travelers from all over the world come here to spend time within the walls of the largest tower in Europe.

The hotel itself is called “the world of big and small circles”. Round here everything from the shapes of rooms, to fixtures and walls. Partially saved undecorated pipes remind of the rich past of the tower. And on the eleventh floor, where the restaurant offers lovely views of the surrounding countryside.

The hotel “Jules Undersea Lodge” (USA, Florida)

The hotel is under water – today it is not fiction of fantasy books. In Florida USA is just such an underwater hotel. Previously, there was located research station.

The hotel is named in honor of the famous writer Jules Verne, author of many as it seemed once impossible ideas. The main attraction of this hotel is the huge Windows in every room. And past these Windows floating marine life. Comfortable, interesting and in some degree extreme.

The hotel “Library Hotel” (USA, NY)

Lovers of books and reading can rejoice: for them in new York, opened the hotel “Library”. Here everyone can find something to read and something to discuss. Each floor is dedicated to a separate discipline: literature, linguistics, art, psychology, religion. But, of course, the main role in this hotel is reserved for the books, more shelves of books. They are everywhere: in the rooms, corridors. And guests can pre-book the room for their subjects. There is also a “Corner writer” and “Poetic greenhouse”.

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