The most unusual hotels in the world

Unforgettable landscapes, strong emotions, fantastic experience, luxury apartments and quality service – all this and much more guarantees you a holiday in the most unusual hotels in the world. Read more about these amazing places, we’ll talk about it.

Hotel “Aurora Express” (Alaska, USA)

This unique hotel offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful views of Alaska from the Windows of this hotel-the train. This composition consists of cars that were once attached to other trains and went on tracks USA. The owners of this property, is called not differently, as “a real treasure”. And how else can you call the hotel in which each room is a compartment designed in a unique style? The décor of the rooms meets the standards of interior fashion and beauty of the early century. In each of them with a truly romantic atmosphere that will make your trip unforgettable. Each room of this hotel is that the train has its name – “Golden Nellie”, “National Emblem”, “The Gold Mine”, the “National Domain”, “SAP Can”, “The Arlene” and many others. Glittering gilded ceilings, luxurious bathrooms, huge beds, restored antique armchairs, soft shelves for observing passing scenery, the exquisite premedicare, stunning combination of colors, styles and shades, wagon-restaurant with unique cuisine and a high level of comfort – believe me, this interior is simply impossible to forget!

The Hotel “Crazy Bear” (UK)

The hotel “Crazy Bear” (which means “Crazy bear”) lives up to its name. Plush walls, champagne is poured straight from the tap, rooms with adjoin beds and bath — everything is more than strange. What is one name that simply can not go unnoticed! The rooms also there is a complete nesochetanie styles, materials and colors. Here are the details and composition of glass, steel, copper and wood, and the color scheme is sometimes so unexpected, that plunges visitors into a real shock. In this hotel each room has its own name, which corresponds to a certain design. Black bathroom interior design in 18th-century style, Padded room with a spacious terrace and bright colors, White room, minimalist style… whichever room you choose, fabulous impressions are guaranteed!

Hotel Dog Bark Park Inn (Idaho, USA)

This extraordinary hotel, guests are called “Sweet Willy”, it’s impossible not to notice. It is located beside the road and just… 4 people. Surprising and the very design of this two-storey hotel. It is constructed of drywall and plywood, and furniture are in different “parts”: a wide bed – in the “belly” of the dog, a comfortable reading corner in her “the face”, a cozy loft in the “head” and the entrance… in the rear side of the building, right under the tail of the dog. This fact, however, does not confuse users. On the contrary, this design hotel is its highlight, which every year attracts tourists from all over the world.

The Exploranter Hotel (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

Modern tourists surprise is not so easy, because they have long been accustomed to traveling on trains, cars, planes, cruise ships and other vehicles. However, the new hotel Exploranter trailer, offering an unforgettable adventure on the roads of Argentina, Brazil, Chile and other interesting countries, will amaze you with its unusual appearance. This unique hotel is designed for 30 seats, and has a private kitchen, showers and other facilities. To travel in and week and month – it all depends on your available time and stamina. The main objective of the hotel is not only to acquaint travelers with the local scenery, but also to create a special atmosphere of warmth and friendliness, which we all lack sometimes!

Kakslauttanen Hotel (Rovaniemi, Finland)

Despite the fact that the use of winter themes in contemporary hotels today, hardly anyone surprised by the hotel Kakslauttanen in Finland is unique monumentality and originality. Here is the largest ice restaurant and snow the most spacious sauna in the world. The hotel’s restaurant, which seats 150 people, is located in a stunningly gorgeous Igloo that is rebuilt every season. The tables here are constructed of the real ice that will surely impress even the most “experienced” tourist. In the hotel’s sauna, which is located on the shore of a huge frozen lake, more than 100 visitors at a time. If desired, you can even swim in the hole. Annually (in December) the hotel hosts “ice art week”, which attracts the best artists of the world for the production of ice figures. Their work is stored together with the creations of the visitors in the gallery at the end of the season.

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