TOP 10 castles-hotels Italy

Best castle hotels for lovers of relaxation and adherents of the exclusive places where even nature favors to your relaxation and enjoyment of life.

Take your journey into the history of Italy, after spending his vacation in the walls of medieval castles and monasteries. You don’t need a guide or a guide to learn the secrets of the Great Doge love and intrigue of the Royal families, they will be revealed to you under the vaults of the Imperial chambers and in the silence of the gardens.

Castello della Castelluccia

Many centuries ago on the site of Castello della Castelluccia . located just 45 kilometres from Rome, there was an ancient Villa. In the XIII century on the remains of it erected the amazing beauty of the castle, traces of grandeur of which are visible still through the amazing interiors of the XV-XVII centuries of the rooms and frescoes that adorn the castle. The castle is still preserved the atmosphere aristokraticheskih families who during the VII centuries owned the Castello della Castelluccia .

The couple choose the hotel to conduct marriages, which take place in the chapel of Santa Barbara, located on the grounds of the castle. In addition to the Royal environment to offers a delightful field for the game of Golf and the beautiful surroundings for walks on horseback.

Castello Orsini

The walls of the ancient fortress, built in the X century, store otpechatkov of intrigue, conspiracy and bloody duels. For a long time, the walls sheltered the inhabitants of suburbs from the raids of the Saracen, and Hungarian invaders, until the land near the valley of the Tiber was not in possession of the Italian Prince Francesco Orsini. In the XIII century the powerful family expanded and enhanced the already strong walls of the fortress, making the castle one of the best architectural constructions on the historical path of Italy Via Salaria. To have such a clear demonstration of the power and wealth wanted the most noble Italian family. Right to the castle Orsini challenged and the powerful Barberini and the heirs of cardinal della Rovere and Marcantonio Lanta.

Now here is the luxurious hotel Castello Orsini . besides offering magnificent scenery over the Eternal city and the Tiber river and amazing vacation in one of Italy’s best beauti farm.

Castello Rosso

Nest family Crotti, built in the XV century. Today the ancient walls of the castle is the Castello Rosso . Just 25 rooms, but their historic charm will satisfy even the most demanding guests. Magnificent Wellness centre and a fine restaurant to brighten up the stay and those who can not find peace in the eternal quest for an elusive beauty and youth and those who put their taste buds above all else. Imperial apartments, the gorgeous garden surrounding the castle, fine Piedmont cuisine, and the proximity to the historical centre of Cuneo and Saluzzo doing “Red Castle” the perfect place for your stay.

Certosa di San Giacomo

Monte del Re Dozza

Relais San Clemente

Villa Crespi

Villa Odino

In the XVI century the Villa Odino enjoyed the break from the mundane Affairs of the Bishop of Torcello. Then immersed in the shade of old trees a place on the banks of the river Sile was chosen for a summer vacation Venetian know. Today the Villa-it is run by the Pasini family, ready to offer everyone the perfect accommodation for a relaxing and leisurely holiday, every inch of which is steeped in luxury and history of the ancient times. Undoubted advantage of Odino . located in a quiet area of Veneto, convenient location — close to Venice and Treviso (both cities can be reached in 30 minutes).

Hotel Posta

In the heart of the valley of Emilia, the birthplace of the Italian flag, since 1920, is the hotel Posta . But it’s not the initial date of the existence of the most prestigious hotels in Reggio Emilia. The ancient walls of the hotel contain more than 700 years of its history. During this time, Posta managed to visit the Palazzo del Capitano del Popolo in 1280 and charming Locanda del Cappello Rosso in 1515.

Nowadays the hotel is managed by descendants of the family of Post, which you have owned for almost 100 years. A gripping story of passion and love for the art of hospitality lords Post has made the hotel the best option for lovers of pleasure.

Hotel Caruso

Near Naples, where the pearl of Amalfi coast, Ravello is conveniently located “between heaven and earth” the magnificent Palace of the XI century. In 1893 the couple Caruso opened for the guests of the former estate of the Marquis d Affito, for which they are grateful today, not only locals, but also all of Italy.

In the historic interiors of Caruso . retaining all the charm of old-world charm deep in furniture and design, the hotel has hosted kings, politicians, writers and movie stars. The last king of Italy, Umberto of Savoy, and a passionate lover of luxury and women, king of Egypt Farouk, at various times, found peace and comfort in elegant apartment hotel.

Rosalyn Russell, Gina Lollobrigida, Margot Fonteyn, Humphrey Bogart and Jacqueline Kennedy – here is a partial list of those whose traces of their ancient handmade tiles that lined the floors of this oasis of exquisite taste.

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