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Unusual hotels in Switzerland

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In Switzerland like wildfire fashion on hotels in unusual places. The tourist in Switzerland to choose from – you can stay in the castle where once lived the bride of Napoleon, or to spend the night in a house without electricity or running water, as well as to speak to the Church in the monastery, you can spend the night in the trees, in the Mongolian yurts and even in a former prison or a bunker. Stay in such unusual places are unlikely to forget!

Alternative to a hotel, for example, can become a glass house-the nest in the trees. Each room unusual hotel has its own kitchen, shower, toilet, and a wood oven, it can fit two to four people. Guests who are afraid of heights, will have to overcome your fear – the cottages are located at a height of 5 to 8 meters.

In Switzerland you can spend a few days there, where once lived the knights, in this castle of dreams. Rotberg fortress proudly rising above the trees some time ago turned into a youth hostel and is now open to all comers.

The decor in the castle is fully consistent with the style of that time – 150 steps lead to the courtyard, behind the thick walls of which are spacious rooms; a spiral staircase rises to the top of the tower where the beloved was Napoleonically his hero.In the castle there are rooms that can accommodate several people, and room for two. Lunches and dinners are held in the knights ‘ hall at the big table. Living in the castle bring is unknown, but fans of the mysterious interiors is there to like.

Exotic place to stay in Switzerland is also considered to be the Benedictine monastery of Saint John in the town of Mustair, where tourists can fully enjoy the tranquility. In a building protected as a cultural monument, the hotel features nine rooms, which can accommodate one person or a couple. Guests eat in the dining room, and home the chapel is used by vacationers as a place where you can relax or meditate. If visitors to the monastery will want to continue their immersion in Church practice, nine nuns will be able to provide professional assistance in the compliance of several weeks of fasting. To the possessions of the monastery there is a summer pasture, which can be rented at a reasonable price.

At the height of 1700 meters above sea level, in the village of Les Cerniers is an eco-hotel, consisting of 15 white-domed rooms, which are perfectly in tune with the environment and minimum impact on the environment. The hotel is located in the Swiss Alps, on its history many awards for innovations in eco-tourism. Each room is decorated differently, can accommodate up to four people. The length of mountain slopes near the hotel — about 7 km (every run has its own lifts). Only here, away from civilization, you can count on blissful silence. In the center of the camp — renovated cottage in a traditional Alpine style, where you can enjoy Breakfast or relax in the SPA. Unique hotel with lots of great ideas, energy and consuming water from local sources.

Also in Switzerland are quite common Igloo village where you can SIP champagne in the ice bar, take a dip in the Jacuzzi under open sky, and to sleep in your own Igloo! The needle is particularly popular with families and honeymooners!

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