Unusual hotels in Canada

In Canada the most unusual places to spend the night. Anticipating charges of bias, specify: not to say that these hotels are unique and that there is no longer such a variety of hotels. But in Canada, an unusual hotel is not only outlandish design, but also extreme conditions, testing yourself, and due to the immense size and vastness of the canadian population almost polucheloveka per square kilometer, and many opportunities to fall out of the normal rhythm of life, to step outside of your comfort zone and to be alone with his thoughts.

1. The ice hotel

The hotel, which is hard to resist not to lick the bed. Or the table. Or the bar. In the Palace of the Snow Queen has everything, everything but ice: and the previously mentioned furniture, as well as slides, beds and even toilets. Some quebeckers are throwing in the ice hotel wedding : here for the Affairs of the Church there is a chapel. It is not known, are young here the first wedding night, but to sleep here, not cold. If precipitates in the Jacuzzi under the open sky, and then excited to dive into the sleeping bag. It costs 260 dollars a night (so expensive, probably because every winter it is necessary to build from scratch).

2. Yurt

4. Hotel aquarium

Otlichiya.smotret to see what fish do at night. Unless, of course, do not fall asleep under the therapeutic swimming fish. After the doors are shut to normal visitors, you will get an aquarium in your property. Participate in the evening feeding of the fish to sleep will be able to go closer to two. And in the morning you can get up and look at the aquarium before will flood a new flow of visitors at 9 am.

5. Elling

In Canada 8% of the territory is occupied by water and lakes more than any other country in the world. The abundance of water has led to the proliferation of private lockblade, and the vessels need to be stored somewhere, so the sheds — garages for boats and that two times not to build immediately at home on the second floor. All located right on the beach, hangs over the water and therefore very picturesque.

6. Hotel beacon

With such a bizarre rugged coastline and scattering of Islands in Canada was not without a couple hundred lighthouses. And, of course, among them demobilized the lighthouses turned into hotels .

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