Unusual hotels in the world

Avid fans are, and the discerning travelers, which together with their idols-players visit different countries and cities. But what about those tired of standard hotels that provide the same set of services.

For example, every tourist will surely find in many cities of Russia and Ukraine places to stay called hotel Oktyabrskaya. which differ by the level of service and price, but always provide enough for comfortable range of services. But how do you want to visit exotic and unusual places. In the world there are dozens of hotels that evoke admiration and astonishment not only of the external and internal decoration, but also provide a range of services.

One of these buildings is the Marina Bay Sands hotel in Singapore. Three huge towers 200 meters high is 55 floors. Above them there is a terrace with a water green areas and gardens, built in the form of a gondola. Many tourists are attracted by the huge pool that has no visible edges and gives the impression, like water in the infinite pool.

In the capital of Russia experienced travelers is where to stay and what a surprise – it’s an art hotel Moscow. here you can feel all the delights of the Dead sea and get high quality Spa treatments. Very popular floating is the best procedure in the world to bistromath stress, mental tension, improve efficiency, get rid of depression. After the first treatment you can feel the effect.

But the world already has seven-star hotels. The most famous of them is the hotel BurjAl Arab, located in Dubai. Specifically for it was built an artificial island connected to the mainland via bridge. On this island there is a building at a height of 321 metres. It differs in that it does not have ordinary rooms. The smallest apartment is 169 square meters and two floors.

This hotel is one of the most expensive in the world. Tourists love to have dinner at a famous restaurant al Muntaha, which is situated at an altitude of 200 metres above the Arabian Gulf and overlooks the city of Dubai. Climb into the room via the panoramic Elevator.

And the most fabulous and magic, hotel Magic Mountain Hotel, which translated to English means the hotel magic mountain located in Chile. The building was built literally under the waterfall. You can reach it only by passing a hanging bridge.

The underwater hotel is located at a depth of 6.5 meters in Florida, which is called “Underwater Lodge Jules”. Rooms are booked a month in advance. Here you can feel like a real Ichthyander, watching the life of the inhabitants of the underwater world.

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