Unusual hotels of the world

TOP 10 amazing hotels in the world

Many have heard about The Ice Hotel in Sweden. This is the famous ice hotel. All the objects are made of ice: the reception, bar, lounge, beds and even ice plates. To rent a room in the Ice Hotel is possible from December to April. As entertainment there are two races in dog sledding and snowmobile safaris.

In contrast to the Kingdom of the snow Queen at the Swedish – Magic Mountain Hotel in Chile. The protected areas in this hot country attract thrill-seekers, and hotel, representing a fabulous mountain with many caves, as if descended from the pages of Lord of the rings. However, “the cave” is a comfortable accommodation, but you can only get inside by a suspension bridge.

But the 24 rooms at the Poseidon Undersea Resort in Fiji is located on the ocean floor at a depth of 15 m, the transparent part of the wall, finishing in the 50-metre capsules used leather and marble. For fans to feel part of the underwater natural community have the opportunity to feed marine life.

Another “capsule” hotel, built on land in Tokyo. Capsule Inn Akihabara is famous for minimum dimensions of rooms. Each room is a capsule made of reinforced plastic and has a modern stuffing (Internet, TV, bed), in capsules safely can… to sit, so people who suffer from claustrophobia, it promises.

If you want to feel what its like for the prisoners can stay in the former prison Hostel Celica (Slovenia). Grille, thick walls impregnated by the prison atmosphere, ideal for lovers of unusual holiday.

Another product of the creativity of modern architects – Crazy House in Vietnam. “Crazy house” – a building made of reinforced concrete that simulates woven tree trunks, the interiors of the rooms in the spirit of caves with stalactites, there is a huge web, constructed of wire and giraffe in the room for tea.

German Propeller Island City Lodge is renowned for its themed rooms: one fully mirrored room for Narcissa, the other on the floor is “hanging” chandelier, there is a room with cells. Each includes instructions for use.

The Tianzi hotel, China Hotel has entered the Guinness Book of world records due to the fact that is the largest building-sculpture. Three figures: Lu (prosperity), Fu (happiness) and Shou (longevity) are drawn up by 41.6 m, on the 9 floors of the building housed rooms for guests.

In the Netherlands, tourists can stay at the Hotel De Vrouwe van Stavoren and live… in a barrel. Large barrel out of French Beaujolais is a separate room for two persons with standard setting. The hotel is constructed of four barrels.

The most extravagant thermal hotel offers in Austria. Rogner Bad Blumau – clean air and mineral water combined with an undulating, multi-colored walls, oversized Windows, ornaments in the form of Church domes, in short, the mixture of styles and a straight line is something all seasoned travelers fall in love with.

According to the tourists who choose such unusual places, a stay in extraordinary hotels allows you to re-evaluate the problem and begin to perform tasks with renewed vigor.

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